Supply Chains

Submit your supply-chain to our Know Your Product (KYP) validation process to tell your buyers you adhere to the highest standards.

Onboard your digital twin


Product Authentication

Protect the quality of your supply-chain and guarantee the authenticity of your products with Authentiplace.


Intellectual Property

Control your IP and embed your technology directly into your product with our Digital Twin technology.


Real-Time Insights

Verify your sales, track your royalties, and capture the real-time data your product generates throughout its life.

Validate With US

Protect your brand & scale revenue with our anti-counterfeiting solutions. With our NFT driven solutions, brands can tie physical products to a digital certificate of authenticity. Verifying product authenticity, reducing counterfeiting, and allowing brands to receive a royalty on resales of their products.

Validate with Authentiplace

Your intellectual property is protected from counterfeits

Develop your Product

Upload Intellectual Property

Track Real-Time Data

Collect Your Royalties

Igniting Imagination through Authentication


Secure Authentication


Products Published


Royalties Generated


Brands Onboarded

Captivating Audiences with Digital Twins

Your supply chain as a tokenized digital twin of the real world that can be tracked, authenticated, and verified to the highest standards.

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Real-Time Supply Chain Authentication

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